1: Evie – Stevie Wright

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Entered Top 40s: 30 May 1974
Entry Point: 38
Highest Chart: 1
Weeks In: 21
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Well, I told you it was an epic, didn’t I?

I know that this song produces some bad memories for some people but for me, this is a stand out in the annals of Australian rock ‘n’ roll. Add to that, this performance by Stevie Wright at the 2SM Concert of the Decade in 1979, five years after the original and at a time where he was doing it tough. This would have been one of THE moments to be at a concert in Australia, for mine.

Amazing that the album version spanned over 11 minutes (covering parts 1,2 and 3) and as a result became the longest track ever to make it to number 1 anywhere in the world. The downside was that many stations only player Part 1 – that’s just not right.

So that’s it then – another top 30 done and dusted. Come back on 1 May to see what we have in store for next time!