1: The Real Thing – Russell Morris

NeilTop 30 - Songs Of The 1960s

Entered Charts: 16 April 1969
Entry Point: 39
Highest Chart: 1
Weeks In: 22

What an epic recording – the genius of Johnny Young (the writer), Molly Meldrum (the producer), Russell Morris (the performer) and a backing group that included Brian Cadd and his bandmates from the Groop coming together to produce my favourite song from the 1960’s. It reached the number one position in mid May 1969 and stuck around in the charts for over five months.

I was fortunate enough to meet and interview Russell a few years back and we spoke about The Real Thing and the production of the track. I would encourage to listen to our conversation when you get some time.

I don’t really want to spoil this by going on and on and so I won’t. Check out the interview which, of course, includes the track about 18 minutes into the interview.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the countdown – we’ll do another one later in the year.