10: Galveston – Glen Campbell

NeilTop 30 - Locations

Entered Top 40s: 19 March 1969
Entry Point: 37
Highest Chart: 3
Weeks In: 19
Watch On YouTube: Click here

As I have said in previous days, one mark of a great song is its ability to take you to where the song is set, allowing you to imagine the story unfolding. This great Glen Campbell song – one of two by Campbell to make the top 10 of this countdown – is one such song.

I sent a few days in Houston – about 100kms north of Galveston – and was told that the town is very much as you would expect it to be … very Texan and the kind of place where people dress in their country and western gear and get out to bars and pubs on a Saturday night.

It is one of the towns to tick off on my bucket list trip through some of the great towns and cities of music.