10: The Long And Winding Road

NeilTop 30 - Beatles Songs

Album Release: Let It Be
Date Entered Australian Charts: 25 June 1970
Highest Chart Position: 3
Total Weeks On Charts: 21
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This was the last of the Beatles singles to chart before the breakup occurred in late 1970. The previous 11 singles went to number 1 and this one, by comparison, disappointed by only making it to number 3 here in Australia.

I would describe the song as “quintessential McCartney” and, as with many other songs written by Paul, quite “safe”. It’s the kind of song that Sinatra would be inclined to record, if you know what I mean.

That said, it is a fine piece of music that shows off Paul’s talents as a songwriter, pianist and vocalist. Couldn’t really leave it out of the top 10.