12: Across The Universe

NeilTop 30 - Beatles Songs

Album Release: Let It Be/td>
Date Entered Australian Charts: Never released as a single
Highest Chart Position: N/A
Total Weeks On Charts: N/A
Watch On YouTube: Not available

At number 12, we find the first track that we have taken from the last album that The Beatles released (Let It be) even though it wasn’t the last one recorded (that was Abbey Road). By now, the group had well and truly moved on from the simple stuff that they were writing and recording during the mid-1960’s.

Across The Universe, written and sung by John, is complex while still being a simple track. The lyrics are quite imaginative as was the case with so many of his other later hits (think Strawberry Fields Forever, I Am The Walrus, etc).

I’m not sure what it is that makes this song such a standout for me but I really like it and feel very comfortable about placing at number 12 on the countdown.