13: She’s Leaving Home

NeilTop 30 - Beatles Songs

Album Release: Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band
Date Entered Australian Charts: Never released as a single
Highest Chart Position: N/A
Total Weeks On Charts: N/A
Watch On YouTube: Not available

Another McCartney composition and for the third successive day, another track from Sgt Peppers – a very sad tale about a girl leaving home without saying goodbye to her parents. I think that the mark of a great ballad is the capacity to take the listener to the actual situation and this song does that brilliantly. You can almost imagine the two up, two down house in Liverpool where the girl has slunk off into the night and her mother coming downstairs in the morning, finding the note that she had left.

According to a YouTube video I watched while preparing this countdown, the song is neither written in major or minor keys but rather in a modal form, which provides the melancholy sound that this song presents.

A sad song but an absolute ripper!