15: Little Sister

NeilTop 30 - Songs by Elvis Presley

Entered Top 40s: 9 September 1961
Entry Point: 19
Highest Chart: 2
Weeks In: 15
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Another track of side 4 of that Elvis In Concert double LP – you can see why it became a favourite for me. Reaching number 2 in 1961, it is one of those songs that has a style that sounds a little too modern for the 1950’s and yet, not quite modern enough to be part of the 1960’s. Someone once told me that the 1960’s didn’t start until December 1963 when The Beatles released I Want To Hold Your Hand. This song, I think, supports that contention.

A cover version was done by Ry Cooder in 1979 which charted here in Australia but was never going to challenge Elvis’ version.