16: Gwen (Congratulations) – Johnny Chester

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Entered Top 40s: Released 1971 – did not chart nationally
Entry Point: 0
Highest Chart: 0
Weeks In: 0
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This has always been a bit of a favourite, I must confess. It tells the story of a bloke who regrets a dalliance with a woman called Gwen.

It gets bumped up a few places in the countdown for a few reasons – (1) the fact that the woman is called Gwen immediately dates the song, (2) it’s a great mix between country and pop – these days, this would be considered a “crossover” song, (3) Johnny was a support act for The Beatles in 1964 and (4) because I have interviewed him, giving me a second degree of separation to The Beatles!

Johnny’s a ripping bloke who is a great story-teller and, although he didn’t write this song, it tells a story really well.

Nice one, Johnny!