19: Hey Jude

NeilTop 30 - Beatles Songs

Album Release: Compilation albums only
Date Entered Australian Charts: 25 September 1968
Highest Chart Position: 1
Total Weeks On Charts: 27
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It might surprise some people to see Hey Jude so far down my list of favourite Beatles songs. Well, the truth is that it has become a bit cliched to have it included near the top of all of the other Beatles countdowns and so we hear it over and over again. Critics of the song suggest that it goes on and on too long at the end – the last four minutes of the song are just the same lines repeated over and over again, adding no great value.

But that said, I’ll be heading to AAMI Park in Melbourne in 53 days to catch up with Paul and his band and no doubt will be able to say afterwards that I spent those last four minutes singing those same lines over and over again with the great man. Can’t wait!