2: Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds – The Beatles

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Entered Top 40s: Released 1967 – did not chart nationally
Entry Point: 0
Highest Chart: 0
Weeks In: 0
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I think that back on 1 March, when this Countdown was announced we said “There is only one song in the countdown that is boosted higher up the list because of a real person – and when you see which song that is and why, you’ll understand!”. Well, this is the song … probably not deserving of the number 2 position based purely on the song but my favourite girl – my daughter – is named Lucy.That has to be worth several places in the Countdown, surely.

Did the song become a favourite because of my Lucy or did my daughter become Lucy because of the song? I can honestly say that there was no conscious decision made to name her Lucy because of the song but maybe, subconsciously, the name was in the back of my mind because of The Beatles? Who knows.

The upshot, though, is that this is sitting at number 2 despite it never having been released as a single by The Beatles – yes, Elton John had a hit with it (with a guitarist name Winston O’Boogie – better known as John Lennon) but I’m not going to consider that version in this Countdown. The imagery is vivid, the lyrics imaginative and the music catchy. It has to be in the Countdown and, yes, sitting where it is seems kind of right!

Tomorrow, we announce the number 1 song and it is epic. You’ll need to put aside more than a standard amount of time to watch the video.