20: The Devil Went Down To Georgia – The Charlie Daniels Band

NeilTop 30 - Locations

Entered Top 40s: 31 October 1979
Entry Point: 37
Highest Chart: 22
Weeks In: 10
Watch On YouTube: Click here

This one was and continues to be something out of left field. It was released in 1979 when we were moving from glam rock through punk and into new wave. Suddenly, a guy playing the fiddle and singing a country and western song about the devil finds itself competing in the big league.

A great song that is included here, I think, because it WAS so different. The link above takes you to Daniels performing the song at the Grand Olde Opry – I’m pretty sure that no matter how many other countdowns I have done or will do in the future, nothing will ever be soaked this much in the sounds of Nashville.

Grouse song.