21: Melanie Makes Me Smile – The Strangers

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Entered Top 40s: 30 July 1970
Entry Point: 32
Highest Chart: 14
Weeks In: 10
Watch On YouTube: Click here

Another one of the many singles that were released by Fable Records during the 1970 Radio Ban – covers of singles released in the UK and then covered here by local artists (think Knock, Knock Who’s There, Yellow River, Daddy Cool, etc), this time by Melbourne band, The Strangers.

When we think of Melbourne-based bands of the era, The Strangers are often overlooked – I can’t work out why. This was one of their ten songs to make the top 100 in Australia but only two of them cracked the top 40. One of the Strangers was John Farrar who went on to international success as a songwriter, most notably for Olivia Newton-John, a close friend and former singer partner of his wife Pat Carroll.

This is one of those songs that just puts a smile on your face – particularly, I suspect, if you name is Melanie!