21: She (Didn’t Remember My Name) – Osmosis

NeilTop 30 - One Hit Wonders

Entered Charts: 7 March 1974
Entry Point: 31
Highest Chart: 2
Weeks In: 18
Watch On YouTube: Click here

Osmosis is a band that not much is known of – there is even some Internet debate about whether they South African or English. Most information suggests that they were South African and that they ended up in the UK as a heavy rock outfit.

This song came out in 1973, reaching the charts here in early 1974. At that time, video clips were less likely to be made and so, it appears that there are no YouTube clips showing them perform.

This song belongs to a special group of songs that are not called what you’d expect them to be called – She (Didn’t Remember My Name), whereas the lyrics are “She, didn’t even remember my name”. This song was absolutely everywhere during the first few weeks of high school for me and brings back some great memories. A most enjoyable recording.