22: 12lb Toothbrush – Madder Lake

NeilTop 30 - Never Made It Songs

Year Released: 1973
Highest Chart Position: 41
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Madder Lake are arguably the most local artists to be featured in this countdown. The band was formed as San Sebastian in the late 1960’s at what is now Swinburne University of Technology (in those days, Swinburne Institute of Technology). After changing their name and introducing their own original material into their repertoire, they were signed as one of the first bands on the Mushroom label.

If you want to experience Australian rock and roll from 1973, get your hands on a copy of the very excellent Stillpoint album – ideally on vinyl if you access to both record and player. This song, 12lb Toothbrush and the equally fine Goodbye Lollipop were singles that were lifted from Stillpoint and reached number 41 and 46, respectively

There are all sorts of theories as to why Madder Lake didn’t have a longer career including a version that suggested that Mushroom dropped them when they discovered Skyhooks.

Whatever the reason, the Stillpoint album is still one of the finest Australian albums of its time and this single is right up there as one of the great “Didn’t Quite Make It” songs.