22: Golden Miles – Healing Force

NeilTop 30 - Songs Of The 1970s

Entered Top 40s: 30 September 1971
Entry Point: 39
Highest Chart: 28
Weeks In: 10
Watch On YouTube: Click here

Another great Aussie band from the early 1970’s and remarkably, their only charting hit.

Healing Force captures the sound of progressive rock in this three minutes of guitar, organ and vocals like no other band, in my mind. If we were doing a countdown of the top 30 songs that best capture the sound of the era in which they were recorded,
I suspect we would see a three way tussle between this song and A Whiter Shade Of Pale and San Francisco for the number one position.

It’s a song that could have only been recorded by an Australian band in 1971 – no other era, no other country. It is a classic!