22: Help Me Rhonda – Beach Boys

NeilTop 30 - Girls Names

Entered Top 40s: 26 May 1965
Entry Point: 38
Highest Chart: 10
Weeks In: 10
Watch On YouTube: Click here

So, this is a retro countdown and for many of you (like me), it is inconceivable that a countdown that involves the 1960’s would not have at least one Beach Boys track. It was this one or Barbara-Ann … it’s not much of a contest in my mind.

This song is different to many other Beach Boys songs because it features Al Jardine on lead vocals, something that only occurred four times including this one and a really interesting cover version of California Dreaming that I found while researching for this countdown.

You can’t hear the Beach Boys and not be transported back to the 1960’s, can you? Probably more than any other artist or band, their sound defines an era – and this is a classic example thereof.