22: Please Please Me

NeilTop 30 - Beatles Songs

Album Release: Please Please Me
Date Entered Australian Charts: 8 May 1964
Highest Chart Position: 3
Total Weeks On Charts: 32
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Please Please Me was the Beatles first hit in the UK but when released in Australia in 1963, it only struggled its way up to number 53. In 1964, it was re-released in the lead-up to their visit to Australia and snuck into the top 40 for 3 weeks, reaching number 32. Of their next 27 singles, EP’s and double-A singles (up to their break-up in 1970), only two others – Ain’t She Sweet (23) and And I Love Her (28) – failed to make it to the top 10. Of the 25 that made it to the top ten, they scored as staggering 19 number 1’s, two number 2’s, two number 3’s and one each reaching number 5 and 9. On those statistics, you could claim that Please Please Me was a fail.

Yes, I think not!

Also, Please Please Me is the title track of their first LP, released in March 1963.