22: Seasons Of Change – Blackfeather

NeilTop 30 - Australian Songs

Entered Charts: 17 June 1971
Entry Point: 37
Highest Chart: 9
Weeks In: 14
Watch On YouTube: Click here (extended live version)

Where do you start with this song?

Who an amazing song, taken from an amazing album – At The Mountains of Madness. Such is the quality of the album, vinyl copies now routinely sell for over $200, when others are sold for $10. But I digress.

The guys from Blackfeather offered another band, Fraternity (featuring Bon Scott on lead vocals), the chance to record Seasons Of Change and when they saw the response to the song, Blackfeather immediately released their version nationally. It caused a fair bit of unrest in the Australian music industry at the time – it is said having the Blackfeather version up against the Fraternity version cost Fraternity a significant number of sales and, potentially, led to their breakup.

And, for what it is worth, having listened to both versions, I really do prefer the Blackfeather version. Both feature great vocals – Neale Johns (Blackfeather) and Bon Scott (Fraternity) – but I like the rhythm and speed of the Blackfeather version better.

By the way, the version that I have linked to in YouTube (above) is an extended live version – it features a piano solo at the start which didn’t appear in the original.