23: California Girls – Beach Boys / David Lee Roth

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Beach Boys Version
Released: 1965
Entry Point: Did not reach top 40
Highest Chart: 41
Weeks In:
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David Lee Roth Version
Entered Top 40s: 7 March 1985
Entry Point: 22
Highest Chart: 6
Weeks In: 10
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Two entries for this song, even though only one version charted.

This song is an iconic Beach Boys song and yet failed to reach the Top 40 in Australia back in 1965. One of three songs in the Top 30 to mention California in its title – and that doesn’t take into account other songs in the countdown that mention places that are located in California.

It is interest to note that the Beach Boys original iconic version couldn’t make it past number 41 on the Australian charts and yet 20 years late, ex-Van Halen vocalist David Lee Roth took it to number 6. His quirky film clip may have played a role at a time when MTV and other video channels were at their peak.

California really must have been the focus of the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle in the USA during the 1960’s – what an amazing place it must have been back then! I think it might be time for me to get myself over there and see what the fuss was all about – albeit 50 years too late 🙂