23: Gloria – Them

NeilTop 30 - Girls Names

Entered Top 40s: 17 May 1965
Entry Point: 26
Highest Chart: 17
Weeks In: 8
Watch On YouTube: Click here

This was our introduction to a singer who would go on to become one of the most influential performers of this era – Van Morrison, performing with his band, Them.

It is a classic, anyway you look at it. The added appeal for me comes from a performance I saw during my teaching career, many, many moons ago. Every now and again, the music teachers would perform at lunchtime for the students and on one such occasion, the Physical Education teacher walked past grabbed the microphone and belted this number out. I had never seen him sing before and never again.

The looks on the faces of the kids was significantly more engaged and amazed than the old woman featured at 2:23 in the linked YouTube clip!