23: If You Can’t Give Me Love – Suzi Quatro

NeilTop 30 - Songs Of The 1970s

Entered Top 40s: 12 July 1978
Entry Point: 34
Highest Chart: 6
Weeks In: 14
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Well, you can’t do a 1970’s countdown and leave out Suzi, can you?

Remarkably, despite her amazing levels of success in the Uk and here in Australia, she only charted in the American top 40 on one occasion and that was with Chris Norman and their duet, Stumblin’ In. Being the first lady of rock for much of the 1970’s, my choice of song in this countdown might surprise you. Sure Can The Can, Devil Gate Drive and others were more stereotypical-Suzi but this is the song that sticks out to me as her best.

In a recent Australian TV interview, Suzi explained that while the leather-clad Suzi of the early to mid-70’s is the memory most people have of her, the two songs that she thinks have lasted the distance and are her most popular now are Stumblin’ In and If You Can’t Give Me Love. Nice to think that Suzi agrees with me 🙂