23: Red Rubber Ball – The Cyrkle

NeilTop 30 - Never Made It Songs

Year Released: 1966
Highest Chart Position: 47
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This jaunty little number is the product of two of the most popular, yet, on the surface, unrelated folk/pop artists of the late 1960’s, Paul Simon (Simon and Garfunkel) and Bruce Woodley (The Seekers).

Paul Simon was working in London at the time and wrote the song with Woodley in exchange for a £100 advance from The Seekers.

The Cyrkle were a US band who were managed by The Beatles’ manager Brian Epstein and who were offered the song when opening for Simon and Garfunkel.

Incidentally, the quirky spelling of Cyrkle was reputedly suggested by John Lennon.

I just really like the song – it’s light and quirky – and because it only goes for a few seconds more that two minutes, it becomes an ideal short filler coming up to the end of a radio program.