24: Brandy – Scott English / Mandy – Barry Manilow

NeilTop 30 - Girls Names

Entered Top 40s: 3 February 1972 / 27 February 1975
Entry Point: 38 / 38
Highest Chart: 3 / 4
Weeks In: 14 / 16
Watch Scott English on YouTube: Click here
Watch Barry Manilow on YouTube: Click here

Well, this one is a bit unusual because it is the same song that was recorded three years apart with two different titles. Because both are great in their own way, I have chosen to include both as number 24.

English was the co-writer of the song and said originally that he dislike Manilow’s version, primarily because he removed a verse but given the royalties that have no doubt flowed, he might have changed his mind.

Manilow started his career supporting Bette Midler and was also due to record this as Brandy but changed the name to avoid confusion with Looking Glass’s hit Brandy (You’re A Fine Girl).

If pushed, I think I would choose Manilow’s version – I think he was the better vocalist and the arrangement is better on his version. Plus, in the two video clips, Manilow has not chosen to wear an awful yellow suit.