25: Waterloo Sunset – The Kinks

NeilTop 30 - Locations

Entered Top 40s: 21 June 1967
Entry Point: 31
Highest Chart: 6
Weeks In: 9
Watch On YouTube: Click here

There is something about this song – I can’t imagine it ever being on high rotation on my radio programs but it is a really good song, nonetheless.

I think that one measure of a good “location-based” song is how well, if at all, it transports you to the place they are singing about. The other day we heard from Peter Allen and that song doesn’t make me think of Rio. For some reason, Kids in America makes me think of the UK.

This song takes me to London, where I can imagine myself standing on the platform at Waterloo Station watching the sun going down. Maybe it helps that I have been to Waterloo Station whereas I haven’t been to Rio. No, I just think that this does a better job of transporting me back to London in 1967.