26: Love Machine – Pastoral Symphony

NeilTop 30 - Australian Songs

Entered Charts: 29 May 1968
Entry Point: 40
Highest Chart: 10
Weeks In: 10
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The term “supergroup” has been thrown around to describe so many bands that were anything but, however, in the case of Pastoral Symphony, it seems to be a reasonably appropriate description. Featuring members who had been part of The Twilights, The Group, The Strangers, Healing Force, Axiom, Little River Band, Chain, The Johnny Hawker Band and others, the song was co-produced by the man who would go onto become Dr Geoffrey Edelstein.

The name Pastoral Symphony was used by another collection of musicians for another single but this was the only release for this line-up.

A distinctive, experimental sound in keeping with the music that was being released in 1968. If you don’t know the song, it is very much one to listen to.