27: Brandy (You’re A Fine Girl) – Looking Glass

NeilTop 30 - Never Made It Songs

Year Released: 1972
Highest Chart Position: 41
Watch On YouTube: Click here

Looking Glass were a band from New Jersey who, like Stevie Wonder yesterday, were also pretty unlucky not to make the top 40 in Australia with Brandy (You’re A Fine Girl), have reached number 1 in the US.

At about the same time, Scott English, another American singer/songwriter had a different song called Brandy which was covered and taken to number 4 here in Australia under the revised title, Mandy. Manilow chose to do that to avoid confusion with the Looking Glass song that finds itself here at number 27 in our countdown.

An interesting statistic is that in 1971 – the year before this song was released, Brandy was the 353rd most popular girl’s name in the US. By 1972, that had risen to number 140 and then to number 82 in 1973 – a rise in popularity attributed to the popularity of this song.

The only other Looking Glass single to make any headway here in Australia was Jimmy Loves Maryanne which reached number 59 in 1973.