28: Burn For You – INXS

NeilTop 30 - Australian Songs

Entered Charts: 26 July 1984
Entry Point: 35
Highest Chart: 4
Weeks In: 14
Watch On YouTube: Click here

The first of two consecutive songs in the Top 30 Australian Songs countdown by INXS … tomorrow, there’ll be another.

This one was one of the earlier hits for INXS, taken off the very excellent album – The Swing. I guess I could have selected any of the singles from that album but there’s something about Burn For You that is very INXS.

It’s got a catchy beat and a film clip that features the airport in Mackay – a great town in central Queensland and somewhere I spent a couple of working weeks over the journey. An interesting piece of demographic trivia – the film clip from 1984 says population 35,000. The current local population 33 years later is around 120,000. Big changes caused, in part, by the local mining economy.