28: Red Rubber Ball – The Cyrkle

NeilTop 30 - Songs Of The 1960s

Entered Charts: 20 July 1966
Entry Point:
Highest Chart: 47
Weeks In:

There are a few well-known contributors to this great little recording.

First up, they were discovered by Beatles manager, Brian Epstein, after his business partner heard them performing in New Jersey in 1965. Originally known as The Rhondells, Epstein suggested that they rename the band which they did – but not before John Lennon suggested the obtuse spelling of “Cyrkle”.

And then the song …

The song was written by Paul Simon (from Simon and Garfunkel) and Bruce Woodley (from the Seekers) when they were both working in London. It is said that Simon wrote with Woodley to gain a £100 advance from The Seekers. The song was recorded by The Seekers and was offered to The Cyrkle when they opened on tour with Simon and Garfunkel.

So, we have a band and a song that was influenced Epstein, Lennon, Simon and Garfunkel and the Seekers – many people won’t have heard of either but it is unsurprisingly good, given the input from those legends of music.

*This song peaked at number 47 and therefore, officially didn’t make the national top 40. The date shown is the that it peaked at number 47.