28: Talk It Over In Bed – Grayson Hugh

NeilTop 30 - One Hit Wonders

Entered Charts: 13 September 1989
Entry Point: 30
Highest Chart: 3
Weeks In: 19
Watch On YouTube: Click here

The most specific memory I have of this song is the video clip – which at the time was pretty impressive. The backing singers popping up out of suitcases and then being packed back into them for a taxi ride.

But keeping aside the impressive video, the song is also really good. If you have only ever heard the song without seeing the video, I think you’ll be surprised by his appearance – nothing like what I expected him to be. The other nice thing about the video is that if you click on the link in this post, you’ll find the Grayson has actually responded to fans comments in the YouTube comments section. A nice touch.

Great video. Fantastic song!