29: On Broadway – The Drifters / George Benson

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The Drifters Version
Entered Top 40s: 11 May 1963
Entry Point: 23
Highest Chart: 9
Weeks In: 8
Watch On YouTube: Click here
George Benson Version
Entered Top 40s: 19 April 1978
Entry Point: 40
Highest Chart: 21
Weeks In: 10
Watch On YouTube: Click here

They say the neon lights are bright on Broadway – this song is now over 50 years old and it makes me wonder are they still neon lights or have we moved on to other forms of lighting like LED’s or something?

A great song, included in this countdown with both The Drifters and George Benson acknowledged because both managed to make it to the top 40 in Australia, 15 years apart.

If I am pushed to decided on my preference, I think I’ll lump for The Drifters in this instance – this time, I think I’ll run the “the original is always the best” defence.