3: Brown Eyed Girl – Van Morrison

NeilTop 30 - Never Made It Songs

Year Released: 1967
Highest Chart Position: 57
Watch On YouTube: Click here

Just about the most popular and most requested song for pub bands across Australia, I suspect.

Just a fun song written and performed by Van Morrison in 1967, there are two versions doing the rounds –
one that includes the very raunchy “making love in the green grass behind the stadium” and one that has been re-dubbed to protect the innocent ears of radio listeners the world over.

What I can’t work out was why a song that is this catchy and popular couldn’t get past number 57 on the Australian charts.

The linked video comes from American Bandstand and Morrison doesn’t look altogether pleased to be there –
clearly lip synching and mouth the original lyrics (about making love in the green grass) while the music track is the censored version.

Great song – next time you go to see a pub covers singer put money on this being on the playlist.