3: In The Ghetto

NeilTop 30 - Songs by Elvis Presley

Entered Top 40s: 2 July 1969
Entry Point: 35
Highest Chart: 1
Weeks In: 16
Watch On YouTube: Click here

I said yesterday that Can’t Help Falling In Love With You was my favourite Elvis song from the early 60’s which means that today’s song and the final two in the Countdown have to come from the late 60’s or 70’s.

I have also said in a previous post that a great story-telling song has the ability to take you to where the story happened and so it is with In The Ghetto. You can almost feel the cold in Chicago on that night when the baby is born and the young man is killed. It is chilling and yet it is thrilling.

A wonderful song that is worthy of number 3 here in this Countdown. Two to go!