30: Bonnie, Please Don’t Go

NeilTop 30 - Australian Songs

Entered Charts: 4 February 1971
Entry Point: 40
Highest Chart: 2
Weeks In: 22
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An appropriate song to set us on our journey … a song written and performed by former Queenslander, Kevin Johnson.

The thing that I really like about this song is the way that the music sets the scene – you can imagine the scene at the wharf with streamers flying and lots of very happy and excited people. Meanwhile, there’s one poor bloke whose grief and sadness is almost palpable. And here’s the really clever bit – if you were to listen to the backing track, it would sound like a really happy song. Place the lyrics and complementary melody and you end up with a song tinged with sadness at the singer’s loss.

Not many people can write songs like that. The underrated Kevin Johnson shows his talents as both a songwriter and a performer in our number 30 song.