4: Hotel California – The Eagles

NeilTop 30 - Never Made It Songs

Year Released: 1977
Highest Chart Position: 53
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Yesterday, we featured the epitome of the 1960’s West Coast sound with California Girls by the Beach Boys.
Fast forward twelve years to 1977 and we find the 1970’s equivalent by The Eagles.

Hotel California was not only the name of the song, it was also the title track of one of the most iconic albums of the 1970’s.

It is fair to say that some of the imagery featured in Hotel California have been induced by certain supplements but what a masterpiece it was and still is today. Their live performance on the Hell Freezes Over album and DVD is quite simply breathtaking – if you haven’t seen it or, more importantly, heard it … do yourself a favour!

Was it the duration of the track (6:30) that cost it valuable air time and therefore impacted on its chart performance? I guess that would have been a contributing factor but how this single could only muster a chart peak of 53 is bewildering to me.