4: San Francisco – Scott McKenzie

NeilTop 30 - Songs Of The 1960s

Entered Charts: 21 June 1967
Entry Point: 39
Highest Chart: 2
Weeks In: 15

Today’s selection is almost an anthem, more so than simply a song. It was a call to action for San Francisco-bound hippie set. Like tomorrow’s number 3 song, San Francisco is listed the lazy man’s guide to creating a 1960’s movie soundtrack. Play San Francisco and we’ll know what era we are talking about very, very quickly.

The song was written by John Phillips of Mamas and Papas fame, reputedly in 20 minutes. Phillips also plays guitar on the track.

A little know fact is that the Bee Gees wrote their song Massachusetts as a direct response to San Francisco – about a person who’d been to San Francisco and was home sick for the north east coast.

San Francisco was chosen to be one of the three iconic 1960’s songs that I use to introduce The Sixties Trip segment on Radio Ga Ga each month. Tomorrow’s another of the three!