8: Don’t Fall In Love – The Ferrets

NeilTop 30 - One Hit Wonders

Entered Charts: 10 August 1977
Entry Point: 33
Highest Chart: 7
Weeks In: 17
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What a great song – in fact, given its style and its vintage, I’m declaring it a grouse song.

Billy Miller and some of his band mates first met when they were part of the Australian cast of Jesus Christ Superstar. The formed The Ferrets in 1975 and one of their demos ended up in hands of one Ian “Molly” Meldrum. Molly decided to work with them, producing their first album, and to promote them, giving them great exposure on Countdown. Their first single was Lies, backed on the B-side by Don’t Fall In Love. As is often the case, the B-side was the one that took off and gave them their only major Australian hit.

An aside is that Ian Meldrum took so long to finish one of their albums, they took over themselves and attributed the production to Meldrum as “Willie Everfinish”!