Mic Conway

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Mic Conway is one of those performers who has made their mark in Australian show business in a number of different guises and genres and yet is unknown to so many people. He and his brother Jim were the co-founders of the Jelly Bean Jug Band after they left Camberwell High School (Kylie Minogue’s old school too!) which then morphed into the Captain Matchbox Whoopee Band. After that, Mic was involved in circus in Melbourne forming the Soapbox Circus with Matchbox which eventually became Circus Oz.

In the 1990’s, he turned his attention to kids TV appearing on Humphrey B Bear, Mr Squiggle, Play School and a range of other shows. He was also the voice of Wags The Dog on The Wiggles program as well.

My kids remember him from his ABC For Kids days (Jollity Farm, anyone?) – we remember him for his serenade to his Wangaratta Wahine, amongst others!