Out And About

Every now and again, Neil gets out of the studio and mixes it with some famous and/or important people. Here is some photographic evidence to that effect.

With my co-commentator, Paul Hooper and studio host / broadcast producer, Phil Edwards
JJ Liston Trophy 2015 – Crown Melbourne (Photo Credit: Jenny Owens)

With Peter Batchelor, President of the Community Broadcasting Foundation at 3WBC – July 2015
(Photo Credit: Paul Hooper)

2015 Commentary Team – with Nigel Foyster, Brendan Hooper and Paul Hooper
Coburg City Oval – July 2015 (Photo Credit: Jenny Owens)

With co-commentators Paul Hooper and Graham Pratt – Eureka Stadium – August 2014
(Photo Credit: Jenny Owens)

Interviewing Box Hill Hawks and Victorian coach, Damian Carroll – Box Hill City Oval – July 2014 (Photo Credit: Jenny Owens)

A big day for both of us – former Brisbane Lion, Bryce Retzlaff has just won a premiership with Box Hill and Neil’s called the same game – September 2013
(Photo credit: Jenny Owens)

With co-commentator, Graham Pratt – Bendigo vs Box Hill Hawks – 2013
(Photo credit: Jenny Owens)

With assistant coach, Patrick Hill – Bendigo vs Box Hill Hawks – 2013
(Photo credit: Jenny Owens)

With Johnny Chester at studios of 3WBC – May 2011

With Jim Keays at studios of 3WBC – November 2010

With Mike Rudd at the Harvey James benefit concert

With Garth Porter (Sherbet) at the Harvey James Benfit Concert – November 2010

With Tony Mitchell (Sherbet) at the Harvey James Benefit Concert – November 2010

With co-host Paula Hogg and guest Ross Stevenson (3AW) at Trinity Grammar Outside Broadcast – November 2009

With Russell Morris at the studios of 3WBC – April 2009

With Ross Ryan at the studios of 3WBC – January 2009