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I was thrilled to be able to welcome legendary songwriter and performer, Graeham Goble into the studios in August 2008.

Graeham started his career in Adelaide, before moving to Melbourne with his band Allison Gros around 1970. He achieved his first number one hit in 1971 as part of Drummond – a fictitious name adopted by Allison Gros because the song they were to record – Daddy Cool – was a novelty song, which the band felt would reflect badly on their serious music reputation.

In 1972, the band morphed into Mississippi which brought more success – most notably the hit Kings Of The World, written by Graeham.

In early 1975, Mississippi, including their new lead singer, Glenn Shorrock headed down the highway for a performance in Geelong. Having seen the turn-off to Little River, 50kms out of Melbourne, a decision was taken to change the name of the band to Little River Band. LRB became one of the first Australian bands to break through in the US and three of Graeham’s hits have received BMI awards for being played over one million times (including Reminiscing – a staggering 5 million plays) on commercial radio in the States.

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