Top 30 Songs Featuring Locations

In our most recent countdown in March 2018, we looked at the Top 30 Songs featuring a girl’s name in their title. Today, we commence another brand new Top 30 – our favourite songs containing a town, a city, a region or a country in the song title.

Being another month with 31 days, we can list the ten songs that just missed out today, and then use the other thirty days of the month to countdown Neil’s Top 30 Songs Featuring Locations.. This does then create the question – what is counted as a location? Here are some ground rules for ineligibility:

  • The reference cannot be an adjective (e.g. American, Australian, etc)
  • The location cannot be a made up name (e.g. Xanadu, Blueberry Hill, etc)
  • The location must be in the title (e.g. Reckless mentions Manly and Circular Quay, etc)
  • The location cannot simply be a building (e.g. YMCA, etc)
  • The location must be used in the context of a location (e.g. Tequila is a place but Tequila Sunrise relates to a drink)

As always, these are simply Neil’s opinions and therefore, the selections are neither correct or incorrect. The chart data is provided by our favourite reference book for such matters – The Book: Top 40 Research by Steven Scanes and Jim Barnes.

As has been the case with other previous countdowns, there were too many great songs to have missed the charts to limit the list to 30, so Neil has created a list of ten additional songs that only just missed out a position in his final thirty. And here they are – in date order:

  • Viva Las Vegas – Elvis Presley – entered the charts 1 May 1965 (peak position )
  • New York Mining Disaster 1941 – Bee Gees – entered the charts 24 May 1967 (peak position 6)
  • By The Time I Get To Phoenix – Glen Campbell – entered the charts 8 November 1967 (peak position 19)
  • Abergavenny – Marty Wilde – entered the charts 24 July 1968 (peak position 7)
  • Wheeling West Virginia – Neil Sedaka – entered the charts 14 January 1970 (peak position 3)
  • Give Ireland Back To The Irish – Wings – entered the charts 6 April 1972 (peak position 5)
  • Mississippi – Pussycat – entered the charts 15 September 1976 (peak position 1)
  • Don’t Cry For Me Argentina – Julie Covington – entered the charts 2 March 1977 (peak position 17)
  • New York, New York – Frank Sinatra – never entered the charts – released April 1980
  • Fall Of Rome – James Reyne – entered the charts 19 August 1987 (peak position 7)