Top 30 Never Made It Songs Countdown

In our most recent countdown, we declared the number one One Hit Wonder to be Baker Street by Gerry Rafferty. Today, we commence another brand new Top 30 – the songs that are pretty well known, that you would expect to have been chart-toppers but, in, fact, didn’t hit the top 40 at all.

Being another month with 31 days, we can list the ten songs that just missed out, and then use the other thirty days of the month to countdown Neil’s Top 30 Songs That Never Made The Charts.

As always, these are simply Neil’s opinions and therefore, the selections are neither correct or incorrect. The chart data is provided by our favourite reference book for such matters – The Book: Top 40 Research by Steven Scanes and Jim Barnes.

As has been the case with other previous countdowns, there were too many great songs to have missed the charts to limit the list to 30, so Neil has created a list of ten additional songs that only just missed out a position in his final thirty. And here they are – in date order:

  • True Love Ways – Buddy Holly – 1958 (No chart entry)
  • Do You Believe In Magic – The Lovin’ Spoonful – 1965 (peak position 80)
  • Windy – The Association – 1967 (peak position 48)
  • Letting Go – Paul McCartney & Wings – 1975 (peak position 43)
  • The Killing Of Georgie – Rod Stewart – 1976 (peak position 45)
  • More Than A Feeling – Boston – 1977 (peak position 41)
  • You Make Lovin’ Fun – Fleetwood Mac – 1977 (peak position 56)
  • Night Moves – Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band – 1977 (peak position 41)
  • Solsbury Hill – Peter Gabriel – 1977 (peak position 45)
  • Romeo and Juliet – Dire Straits – 1981 (No chart entry)

As well, there are some songs that didn’t reach the charts when first released but did so on a subsequent release. For this reason, they are not included in the countdown – that said, they probably would have been included if they hadn’t been re-released:

  • Please Please Me – The Beatles – number 54 in 1963 (reached number 32 in 1964)
  • Hold On, I’m Coming – Sam and Dave – number 87 in 1966 (reached number 12 in 1968)
  • Space Oddity – David Bowie – number 94 in 1969 (reached number 6 in 1974)
  • Because I Love You – Masters Apprentices – number 42 in 1971 (reached number 25 in 1988)
  • Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again – The Angels – number 42 in 1976 (reached number 23 in 1988)

Finally, one other song that won’t appear in the top 30 but probably would have under other circumstances is Stairway To Heaven by Led Zeppelin. It didn’t chart because it was never released as a single!